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5 Boudoir Myths Busted!

Boudoir myths that aren’t true

There seem to be many myths pertaining to boudoir photography. And unfortunately, these boudoir myths prevent many women from participating in this amazing experience! Let’s go ahead and bust five of the biggest myths and ease your fears if you find yourself being hesitant.

Common Boudoir Myths

1. I have to be naked.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing lingerie, a potato sack, or nothing at all. The main purpose of boudoir photography is to empower women, not to make them uncomfortable.

There’s only one person who dictates how far you need to go with your shoot in order to reveal your inner goddess, and that is you.

You don’t have to jump up and down on the bed in your birthday suit to feel empowered, unless you want to and we say go for it!

2. I am not perfect.

Yes, you are!

Who you are in this very moment is exactly who you should be as you begin this journey.

We have photographed every age, size, shape, color, whatever, and the results are always gorgeous.

There are too many things in this life that we choose not to experience because we don’t match societies beauty standards. Boudoir photography will help release your inner goddess, and you will see that anything is possible!

3. I will be judged for it.

Your shoot will be exactly what you want it to be, but there is naturally an element of sexuality to it.

When it comes to something so incredibly personal, there are bound to be feelings of vulnerability and the fear of being judged.

It is not for anyone but you to decide what makes you feel like a goddess.

We do not judge. Besides, nobody will see these photographs unless you choose to share them.

They can be your little secret!

4. Everybody will see my photographs.

This is one of the biggest boudoir myths.

As the client, YOU decide what I can use for promotional purposes.

After your shoot is over, we will go through the photographs and choose your favorites.

At that time you can also decide if there are any photographs you are willing to let me use for my portfolio. I require explicit permission in writing before I post a boudoir photograph online.

If you decide you don’t want your photographs posted online that’s totally fine.

5. I don’t have someone (a partner/ significant other) to do this for.

Yes, you do! These photographs are for YOU above all else. Sure, lots of people have these sessions done so that they can give their partner a gift he/she will never forget. And of course that’s a wonderful idea. However, first and foremost, a boudoir photo session is a gift to YOU!

Ready to schedule?

I hope this article helped bust those boudoir myths that have been holding you back from booking a session! It’s a gift for yourself that you will NEVER regret!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 20, 2021

Love this post! I feel like some women need to give boudoir a chance!

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